Simply taking time for massage makes a powerful statement about the importance of your wellness, and the relaxing effects are cumulative.. which means that regular massage therapy helps you build and maintain your health.

Body Smart Massage Therapy is intended to release deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues (fascia) and provide relief from chronic tension, unwind patterns of restriction, increase range of motion and flexibility

Whether you have reoccurring pain from sitting at a desk, are stiff and sore from being active, are recovering from an injury, or just need to relax- each session integrates a variety of modalities and techniques to meet your individual needs and goals.

Less pain, reduced stress, improved immune system- all these benefits, and more, could be yours with a routine of regular massage and bodywork. Learn how to enhance your wellbeing by booking your next appointment.




(Breathe. Laugh. Smile. Live)

 Ali Smart, LMT CMT












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